Wiki shopping summer 2007

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Wiki Shopping summer 2007

This page collects my notes on wiki shopping in September, 2007

Host Confluence at home: requires a server running in the house somewhere. If it's in the den it's too loud (and hot?), if it's in the garage it has to have wireless. To get wireless is another two days of fiddling, or install Windows and have attackers know my security holes. Or a laptop in the den which means $450 minimum.

Features I want (and why)

  • WYSIWYG with enough JavaScript workarounds to make FireFox work reasonably well. I can live without this if I have to.
  • Child pages - three reasons:
    • Automatic list of children in a parent page
    • Automatic link back to the parent from a child page
    • Automatic structured site index
  • Ability to remove decoration and view on the cell phone would be nice
  • Hosted if not too much money, not publicly viewable, etc.
  • Or PHP/Perl and host on bitinglapcat


  • Not a wiki
  • Already available on all my systems
  • Can't edit content from elsewhere on the web - but how often...?
  • Slow to open, connect, and save changes
  • Slow and unreliable synchronize to maintain a local copy from the master
  • Can't use a USB key to hold the master because it's unreliable

Local Confluence

Now there's an idea. I tried it; you can read my notes. I've been using it for several weeks and I like it. But it'll cost me. And I can't put high-traffic stuff on it, the Man will notice. That's OK, I can use other hosters for bulk, but it's less convenient.

Man, its draft-save feature sure just saved my ass... 

Hosted Confluence

Too expensive, minimum $50 a month or so. Only 8 mos to a new laptop


This is the one where the author has a philosophical objection to WYSIWYG. The Wikiwyg integration is "pre-alpha," just somebody playing with JavaScript.

I looked for "pmwiki" and "child page" and found proposals but nothing I wanted.


I tried this on bitinglapcat once, didn't like the performance. Too slow, at least on the servers I was connected to.


Note: twiki supports the notion of child pages... But it uses Perl and I don't know how to enable perl on bitinglapcat. So find out. Also they blacklisted my IP address for no reason I can figure. Can still access the site from IBM though.

TelePark wiki

Bad. Has parent/child navigation, but no clean links to individual pages.

Without paying for it I don't get full text search. It's a hundred Euros.


This has a breadcrumb trail at the top but it's not structured.



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