Stereo 3D Games

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Stereo 3D games

Some games work with stereo video drivers and stereo glasses (or, better still, a stereo head-mounted display). The web site for the head-mounted Z800 product has a list of supported games, including notes on which ones are better or worse.

There are other sites that list which 3D games work with 3D drivers from NVidia. has something about what works in HL2.

I've read that Quake 4 is slow in stereo mode. Maybe it's just slow compared to SLI. Doom 3 doesn't work with current drivers (9/2006). Fear works great. Red Orchestra works great. Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, Half Life in D3D mode, PainKiller, Tomb Raider Last Revelation, Unreal II (but not earlier).

Games, movies, and demos listed as working very well that I found on a web safari at some point in 2006:

Games: Farcry, Fear, Halflife2, Metal of honor pacific assault, COD2, Star Wars Battlefront2, Lord of the Rings Return of the King, Painkiller Comanche 4, Fair Strike, Klingon Academy, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Star Trek Bridge Commander, Star Trek EF2.

Movies: Haunted Castle, Encounter in the Third Dimension, Alien Adventure.

Demos: NVIDIA Nalu, Dusk, Pirate ship, Vulcan. ATI Rachel, Treasure Chest, Island 1,2&3, Nature. Also 3D mark 2000, 2001, 2003.

Many games have a 3D component and then a 2D "overlay" like the status and sighting crosshair. The problem is, the 2D parts come out "doubled" when you use a stereo driver.


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