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Samsung HL-S6187W HDTV knowledge

Two threads at owners and discussion.

For DishNetwork remote control use code 738 - where did I learn this?

Calibration: turn off CCA in the service menu before calibrating with Avia or DVE. But no telling how.

Eliab's initial settings from 11-25-06:

Digital NR - OFF
DNIe - Off
Mode - Movie
Contrast - 40
Brightness - 42
Sharpness - 0
Color - 45
Tint - G50/R50
Color Tone - Warm2

If there are any child pages they'll appear here:

Ring focus: remove the plug panel (slide straight out), then turn the dial on the left side of the metal box with a fan on the back. That's "the left side" as you look at the back of the unit). The left-firing (back-firing?) projector lens has a knurled knob below it that turns in a plane parallel to the floor.

See ring focus pictures at: and

Samsung service menu

  • Power off the TV
  • Mute - 1 - 8 - 2 - Power
  • (The set powers up and loads the service menu.)

To close the iris permanently so there is no dynamic black level changing:

  • Arrow down and select SP Actuator menu
  • In the actuator menu.. check the DB Aperture setting... if it is grayed out, then you must turn the DB ON/OFF setting to OFF. That un-grays DB Aperture. Then you turn DB Aperture to OFF. That closes the iris. You will see the light output drop immediately. Power off the set and let it shut down. Next power up will have the aperture closed

After closing the iris... [Don's] contrast and brightness calibration points changed to 90 and 33 respectively.


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