Allan's trip to NAFO 2008

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Allan's trip to NAFO 2008

NAFO stands for North American FJR Owners, and NAFO 2008 is the first national convention of Yamaha FJR1300 owners. It takes place in Golden, Colorado over the weekend of July 24-27.

I'm going there from my home near San Jose, CA, but I'm going the long way, starting July 19th.

Click here to see where I am!

Starting Saturday morning, July 19th. I'll enable my SPOT tracker, so you can see where I am and where I have been lately. The map only shows the last 24 hours of data, so come back once in a while.

The map page can take a while to load. Be patient.

In the map you see, "Track" points are dropped every ten minutes or so. Don't freak out if you don't see any points for a while; the signals don't always get through. If you see an "OK" point it means "I stopped here on purpose" for the night or a meal or something. Those don't always go through either. My wife will take steps if my track stops and I'm overdue checking in.

My planned route:

That's San Francisco in the lower left, Portland in the upper left, and Denver at the lower right. I make it almost 3,000 miles out to Denver/Golden and 1600 miles back, if I do it all. There will also be two days of riding near Denver, where I figure to cross the Continental Divide about a million times on those great roads.

Much of the route in Oregon came from Ken Hattan - see my Oregon Roads page for more on that. The route west from Denver came from ... shoot, I forget where. maybe? Or from COG, the Kawasaki Concours Owner's Group? The map doesn't show the Colorado part properly, the actual route has way less I-70 on it.

I'm planning on camping most nights. The night stops I plan are marked above:

  • Saturday: Crescent City, CA (not Happy Camp at shown on the map - nearby wildfires are making it too smoky)
  • Sunday: Detroit Lake, OR
  • Monday: Hell's Canyon, OR
  • Tuesday: Fishtrap, MT (about 35 miles due W of Butte)
  • Wednesday: Thermopolis, WY
  • Thursday - Saturday: Golden, CO at NAFO 2008
  • Sunday: somewhere between Escalante, UT and Cedar City, UT
  • Monday: back home near San Jose, CA

This is pretty ambitious. I might not do it all. Don't be too hard on me if you see my actual track deviate from my plan... I'm just trying to have fun and be safe.


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