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Motorcycle Roads - Washington

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Q: What about Mt. St. Helens in Washington?

A: Start at Randle, WA and go S on NFD25. Turn west on NFD99 and up the mountain. The road just ends; turn around and come back to NFD25. Continue S to NFD90, then consider going W to Cougar, WA and back before continuing S on NFD24 and NFD30 to Carson, WA at the Oregon border.

Much of this is seasonal, and the snow might not be gone from the north-facing areas until June. Check conditions at "Windy Ridge" which is the last to clear. If it's not all clear you can still enjoy FR25 north from Carson until the road is blocked, then go back. Someone else agrees this is "one of the great rides in the entire country."



This page was last edited April 26, 2008.