MC Roads: UT

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Motorcycle Roads: Utah

There are billions of great roads in Utah, I'm sure. Here are a couple I rode, or have heard of.

During my major trip to WFO-6 in 2007 I rode a couple of loops near/around Park City. Then I went south through Bryce and Zion. I'll write up those roads Real Soon Now.

Got this from the LDRider list: UT261, the Moki Dugway is very scenic (in that Utah desert/river sort of way) with a 6-7 mile unpaved section with paved switchbacks. Correspondents wrote that the road surface is smooth but steep. HMarc Lewis says to see and says: "I rode it on an R1200GS, but I'd not hesitate to tackle it on an FJR1300 unless it had just rained. Mud, ruts, street tires at 40psi and a 600+ lb bike equals NO FUN! If you do ride it, and I suggest you do -- the view from the top is spectacular -- take the short side jaunt to 'Gooseneck S.P.' There's a photo on the page at the URL above."




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