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Motorcycle Roads - Oregon

Q: Some national forest roads in Oregon. I'm looking at NF-550 (skyline road) from Hwy. 26 near Mt. Hood. Looks like it turns into NF-42 (still skyline road) & comes out on the Clackamas River Road near Breitenbush before dumping out at Detroit, OR on Hwy 22. So, my question is: is it paved?

A: (September 9, 2006): Rode both of these roads last year.  The roads are paved and in decent shape...not "run like hell" shape, but good enough for a nice enjoyable ride through the forest.  Parts of the road have no centerline and are a bit narrow, so watch for fast moving SUV's.

Q: What about US101 along the Oregon coast?

A: (From Paul Fischer at comcast dot net in October 2006) US101 along the Oregon coast is not very crowded from about Waldport south, especially during the week when summer's over. The southern 1/3 of the coast is particularly beautiful, but you may have to do some backtracking to pick up northern California roads. If you were to follow the coast all the way to Crescent City, there aren't too many options to get back over the coastal range and I'm not familiar with the coastal mountain roads south of Waldport back to I-5, so I can't comment on their conditions. Hwy 101 on the Oregon coast is in very good condition now. Keep in mind that you don't want to follow the Oregon coast if it's raining, because it will be very windy and very wet.

Q: If I have an extra day in Oregon what should I do?

A: From Ken Hattan (kenhattan at comcast net): Get off I-5 and do the Oregon Cascades: start off US 12 at Randle, WA going S on FR 25, Curly Creek (FR90), Windriver Rd. to Carson, up to Hoodriver on WA Hwy 14, Hwy 35 S, US26 E, FR 42 and 46 S, Hwy 22, US 20 to Sisters, Hwy 242 W, Hwy 126 S, FR 19 S to Westfir, Hwy 58 E, US 97 S, Hwy 138 W, Hwy 232 and around Crater Lake, Hwy 62 W, Back roads to Hwy 66 W, I-5. About 600 miles. All these roads are paved.



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