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Motorcycle Roads: Kansas

Mickey Stilson (mstilson hotmail com) wrote on 6/1/2009:

If you're stuck crossing the state on I-70, there are some nice diversions to break up the trip:

Old US 40 from Lawrence to Topeka, paralleling I-70 just to the south, is a nice sweeping two-lane.

Any road in Leavenworth county can get you a ways off the centerline of your tires. (Just west of Leavenworth - you know, "The Big House".)

Between Topeka and Manhattan on I-70, take K-99 south at Alma. If you're in a hurry, ride it about 12 miles south to K-4 and turn around and come back to I-70. Very hilly and curvy - undoubtedly the [second] best motorcycle road in Kansas

[Best is] K-5 from KC, KS, to Leavenworth on the weekend when the quarry/sand trucks aren't on it.

If you have more time, south of Alma, when you reach K-4, go east to Topeka on K-4, or go west to Dwight on K-4 and pick up K-57 to Junction City.


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