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Motorcycle Roads: Idaho

The Lolo Pass road is US 12 across Northern Idaho. Famous for the "Winding Road Next 77 Miles" sign. People say it has river-following 70mph scenic sweepers, not twisties.

HMarc: I wanted to mention that in the almost-town of Syringa, about 6-8 miles downriver from the famous "Winding road next 77 miles" sign, is a great restaurant, called the Syringa Cafe.  On the logical north side of the road.  Excellent menu, great service, super clean and nice bathrooms, and some tables outside with big umbrellas. The Syringa Cafe has a large menu with lots of healthy stuff (salads, pastas, local trout, etc.) plus the expected-for-the-area high cholesterol fare.  I had a tasty BLT and some damn good huckleberry pie, Chuck had a Greek salad he said was excellent...

Also try "the next paved road north of there." NFD 50 / St. Joe River Road?

HMarc wrote: My favorite road over the Bitterroot Mountains is the next paved road north of Lolo Pass. Much more tightly-coupled corners, particularly towards the upper end. Enough so that you can't gawk at the scenery without being in danger of blowing a turn. But very remote -- don't ride it fast (for your definition thereof) unless you're riding it with a 'buddy'. No cell phone coverage, and very little traffic. Awesome, trust me. I documented it here for WFO-3:

Paul Peloquin: Pick up on US20 and go west of Burns, OR. This is actually one of my favorite semi-fast roads; everything from a damn-near flat out mountain pass to 45mph corners (your speed may vary ; ) along the Malheur River. From there I'd take US95 to Cambridge Idaho, 71 to near Oxbow, Forest Road (I kid you not) to Joseph. Once in Enterprise, take Hwy 3 to Lewiston/Clarkston. Hmmm, hmmm, good. These last few are slow roads, so if you're short on time, Hwy 95 it's self is fine. Once in Lewiston, I'll leave it up to you whether to run Lolo Pass (hwy 12 to Missoula or continue north into the panhandle of Idaho. Nice rides,

Somebody wrote: "[Take] the Banks-Lowman Road from ID 55 to ID 21, then 21 south to Boise. The Banks Lowman Road is great, traveling along a beautiful river. ID 21 was obviously designed by a former sailor whose hobby was tying knots. This road has more kinks than your 25 foot phone cord. More twists than your favorite spy novel. More bends than a bag or pretzels. It's gorgeous and fun and leaves you worn out."

The St. Joe River Road from St. Maries to Red Ives Ranger Station.

The Perrine Bridge over the Snake River (US93)

Seven Wonders:

  1. Teton Pass
  2. Lolo Pass
  3. Lost Trail Pass
  4. Galena Pass
  5. Idaho 14 from Grangeville to Elk City
  6. Whitebird Pass
  7. Idaho 21 from Idaho City to Lowman



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