Lockhart-Phillips Saddlebags

Lockhart-Phillips SaddlebagsThis is a picture of the back of my Magna. Behind the backrest and under the passenger seat, you can see my pair of Lockhard-Phillips saddlebags. Click on the picture for an even bigger version.

Many saddlebags in the store won't fit the Magna because of the exhaust system: with two pipes stacked up on each side, there isn't a lot of room for the bad. For some reason these bags fit just fine. This isn't even the smallest size they make in this style.

This kind of bag is designed to mount using a strap that goes over the back seat. But for better looks and security I wanted to mount the bags under the Magna's removable seat. In this case that worked out just fine.

These bags were $149.00 for the pair at Road Rider in San Jose, California. The price was the same for the smaller size of the same style. Travelcade / Saddlemen's makes RigidMount bags that might have been a better choice for just a little more money ($250?). For real money ($399) you can get a set of LeatherLyke bags: hard plastic molded to look like leather. They don't do a bad job, and they're very secure.

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Last modified September 25, 1998