Allan's Magna Links Page

I hate links pages which go for quantity over quality. These are good sites. Many of them include links pages of their own, and isn't that what the Web is all about?

One very good place to talk to other new-generation Magna owners is the Magna Information Board. The people there tend to have the new Magna (1994 and newer).

Older 1980's-era Magna and Sabre owners will want to check out the SabMag home page.

There are lots of motorcycle pieces and parts pages on the net, but one I like is WingThings and their Magna Toy Page.

Another online store is the Honda Magna Parts Store, where the prices you see are for members of MRA (see below) only. This is a good place to find Magna-specific parts for performance customizing, including Dave Dodge's carb shims and jet kits.

MRA, the Magna Rider's Association, a group that has a ride every year and does other stuff. Members get the discounted price at the Honda Magna Parts Store. The page has many "tips and tricks," picutres of other Magna owners' rides, and links to other Magna resources.

Wayne's Magna Homepage. Wayne is the President of the MRA, and this is his own Magna page with pictures, links, etc.

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Last modified December 17, 1999