Brief notes about my customizations

This page has all the "brief" notes which don't deserve their own pages.

About the Garmin GPS: See Garmin's site, the sci.geo.satellite-nav newsgroup, and for info. I got the 8MB memory chip and both the MetroGuide CD and the Roads and Recreation CD. This way I can load extensive detail about one urban area, including searching and business phone numbers, or I can just load road detail about a large rural area - you can load about a quarter of California in at once.

About the windshield: It's a Memphis Shades Malibu. You can see a picture here, but it doesn't really look like that on the Magna: even sitting higher above the headlight, the hand protection is still below the grips. Visit the Memphis Shades web site for more on their stuff.

I manufactured some extensions for the highway pegs: two pieces of 6" x 1" x 1/4" steel, mounted as a triangle extending the pegs almost 6" forward. This is actually a little too much: I'll need to drill more holes and experiment with the placement. I'll load pictures eventually.

The saddlebags are LeatherLyke bags: capacious, lockable but not very secure, waterproof but sometimes leak, rigid, decent looks.

The ScottOiler is a device that continuously lubricates the chain. See You put oil in a bottle and it drips onto the chain while you ride, so you don't have to feel guilty about not doing chain maintenance every 300 miles. No pictures or description of my own installation yet.

(Before the crash I also had a set of lowers from Rifle. I was a long time finding these - for some reason few people know where to look. (Lowers are wind deflectors that extend lower than the windshield, usually mounted to the front fork.)
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Last modified April 7, 2000