The National Cycle Airhawk GT Windshield  Saga

August 27-29, 1998

When I got my Kawasaki Vulcan 500 in February, I started looking for a windshield which would really get rid of the wind ... not just a "chest protector" but a real windshield. But I wanted it at a reasonable price. Glory! I found the National Cycle Plexifairing 3 for about $129 US, and it worked just great. Well, I did have to get their special mounting hardware (those darned 1" bars). And I also had to trim the top down some because it was too high, but that was short work with tape, a hacksaw, and some sandpaper.

So when I got my Magna in August, I naturally looked at National Cycle’s fairings. The only one that is listed in their catalog as fitting the Magna is a particular model of the Airhawk GT, the N8038. In the catalog, they even list the nonstandard hardware bag you need: bag #77.

Well, I ordered this windshield, but when I got it near the bike, I found that it didn’t fit anywhere! The two main "fitting" points are where the lower curve goes behind the front turn signals, and the side curves which are supposed to offer wind protection for your hands. Put the Airhawk on the Magna, and neither of these is in the right place!

The turn-signal sculpting would only fit on a bike where the turn signals are mounted on a line running through the center of the headlight, not through the bottom of the headlight like on the Magna. And even if you mount the thing so the lower curves are above the turn signals, the curves for hand protection appear to be too low: it looks like your hands will get the wind blast off the top of the side-sculpting.

I checked with the retailer and the manufacturer, and I really did get what I ordered. So the only conclusion I can draw is that National Cycle is lying when they say they make a windshield that fits the Magna. Now all I can do is find another brand - maybe Memphis Shades. This story isn’t over yet.

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Last modified August 29, 1998