Jenny's X-rays and sketches

These are Jenny's X-rays and sketches. The quality is not very good, but I hope it gets the important things across.

First there are the X-rays. There are three views, and I have included a "wide shot" and a "close up" of each one, plus "even closer-up" for the last two.

First view, wide and closer shot:

Second view, wide and close-up shot:

Second view, really close-up shot:

Third view: wide, close-up, and really close-up:


After the surgery, Dr. Martin sketched the work he'd done.

Here is his original "palm view," then a copy where I have highlighted the fractures and pins he drew.


Now here is his "thumb side view," again with his original and then my highlighted copy:

Finally, here are some pictures of the cast/splint Jenny is wearing now:

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