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I am getting sick of how hard it is to refill Epson printer cartridges. I got some refillable carts and they are fine, except that the heads are clogged and won't come clean, and the auto-reset chips in the carts are flaky - sometimes the printer won't recognize the carts at all!

Trouble is, I want these incompatible things:

  1. A printer with refillable ink cartridges
  2. Good quality photo printing on photo paper
  3. The ability to print on printable CDs and DVDs
  4. Low price

Well, it's just possible that Canon can do it, if you are willing to hack your printer to appear as a European model. I found this link (and I copied its contents to a new page in case the link goes away).

Canon iP5200 mods for CD printing

More body goes here.


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