Hugin All-White Bug

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Hugin Problem: Panos That Are All White

I use Hugin on Windows, under Windows XP. In late April 2007, a "snapshot" binary was made available for testing the "vignetting and exposure" correction features. I found a problem with those features and I made this page to capture the problem report.

My project is a multi-row panorama of Winchester Cathedral in Winchester, England.

Below is the "Preview Window" in Hugin after letting autopano detect control points and letting hugin do the things it does automatically. (Click on the small image for a full-sized version.)

The problem occurs when I use the "Create panorama..." button to write out the final image. The resulting image is very washed out, almost all white, like this (once again, click for a larger version):

If I go to the "Exposure" tab in the Hugin GUI and run the exposure optimization routine, the resulting image is even whiter! I chose the default "Low dynamic range" and 200 random points for the exposure optimization step. The result is below:

I've put low-rez versions of the input files and a corresponding Hugin PTO file into this ZIP file so the Hugin creators can reproduce this. The effect was the same when I used the full-sized images; I am putting up small versions to save space..


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