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FJR1300 tires

My FJR1300 tire history

I bought the bike in August, 2004 with 3,676 miles on it. The Previous Owner had put on Michelin Pilot radials (Pilot Roads?) at 3500 miles. According to the P.O., the OEM tires lasted 3500 miles. Or maybe he just decided he didn't like how they felt.

The Pilot Roads lasted me 5725 miles.

New Avons in January, 2005 at 9225 miles. Avons were on the wear bars at 13,406 miles. Avons lasted 4200 miles.

New Metzeler ME880 "Marathon" rear, Z6 front in August, 2005. I thought the ME880 "Marathon" would be good for the long highway miles that I put on getting to the Sierras or Death Valley from San Jose. Metzeler ME880 lasted 6850 miles, maybe a little more before I really replace them.

In August 2006 I was at 20,500 miles, and the rear ME880 is below the wear bars in the center (but plenty meaty on the sides. The thing is, there's a lot of highway where you wear down the center before you can get to the places where you use the sides. Or maybe I'm just a wimp.)

Update: I got a set of Michelin Pilot Powers (not Pilot Roads) basically by mistake. The Pilot Power is a sticky performance tire with very short tread life on the FJR. The Pilot Power rear only lasted about 3000 miles. I had to replace the rear in the middle of a trip, with an unscheduled stop in Kennewick, Washington. I had the place mount another Pilot Power (for $250!) to match the fornt, and because I'm an idiot. (I'm sure I could have mated the Power front with a Pilot Road rear.)

Just a short while later, at 28,000+ miles, the second Pilot Power was taking tread off the wear bars, and it also went flat. It had three punctures that needed to be patched just to get me home.

Next up: a set of Michelin Pilot Road 2CTs, the new dual-compound tire from Michelin. Expensive, but I can see what they're like. I could try the Bridgestone BT020N which people seem to enjoy, but it's been replaced with the BT021 and there is no "N" designation for that model that I can find. (The 'BT020N' had stiffer sidewalls for heavy bikes.)

Misc FJR1300 tire info gathered from the web:

Brands and sizes

Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse (MAW) has Michelin Pilot Roads in "B" and "K" designations. The "K" is for BMW's heavy K bikes. "Frank Dobias" at thought those might be good tires for the heavy FJR. "After a few thousand miles I'm delighted with their performance."

Avon part numbers are Avon Azaro ST-46 rear, ST-45 front. Also listed as AV45ST (front) and AV46ST (rear).


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