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FJR1300 tire change page

[Please note: up until July, 2012 this page had an error in the torque spec for the ABS sensor bolts. Sorry!]

If you are changing both tires, you want to take the rear off first. Then jack the bike up and remove the front. Reverse the order for putting them back on. A worn rear will roll out with the bike on the centerstand, but a new rear will not. You'll need somebody lifting at the rear or pushing down at the front.

To remove the rear tire:

  • With a 6mm Allen socket (1), remove the ABS sensor bolt (2) and extract the sensor. Don't touch anything with it; wrap it up and tie it up out of the way.
  • With a 12mm wrench (3) on the inside and the 6mm Allen socket on the outside, remove the brake torque rod nut and bolt (4).
  • With a 27mm socket (5) and a big torque wrench/beaker bar, loosen and remove the nut on the pumpkin side of the rear axle and its washer (6).
  • With the 12mm wrench (3) or socket, loosen the axle pinch bolt.
  • With a mallet, push the axle (7) through and remove it.
  • Slide the brake caliper off the rear tire and tie it up so the brake lines aren't stretched tight. The ABS sensor housing (8) and the washer (9) will come loose now, too.
  • Roll the rear tire out from under the bike. Cover the pumpkin with a rag to keep dirt out.

To reinstall the rear tire, you almost reverse the process. However, you tighten the axle nut while holding the axle with a 14mm Allen socket on a long bar (not shown) before you tighten the pinch bolt. Why? You want the axle tightened against its shoulder, not being held in place by the "grip strength" of the metal that the pinch bolt pinches together.

  • Roll the tire under the bike. You might need somebody to pull up on the rear or push down on the front so the tire clears the rear fender.
  • Lube the spline if you want. Be sure the collar inside the pumpkin is clean and lubed.
  • Clean and lube the axle.
  • Lift the new tire and push it onto the pumpkin
  • Reattach the ABS sensor housing, align it. Get the brake caliper in place; tabs on the ABS sensor housing surround a bump in the caliper. Put the washer in place.
  • Insert the axle; hammer it across as far as it will go.
  • Leave the pinch bolt loose. Insert a 14mm Allen on a long bar in the right side of the axle to hold it fast.
  • Put on the washer and axle nut: 27mm socket; 125 Nm; 12.5 m-kg; 90 ft-lb.
  • Tighten the axle pinch bolt: 12mm socket; 16 Nm; 1.6m-kg; 11 ft-lb.
  • Tighten the torque rod nut/bolt: 12mm wrench/6mm Allen; 30 Nm; 3.0 m-kg; 22 ft-lb.
  • Install the ABS sensor and bolt: 6mm Allen; 4 Nm; 0.4 m-kg; 5.1 ft-lb.

To remove the front tire:

  • Lift up the front end (I use a 2x4 under the four exhaust pipes on top of a car jack). Raise the bike so the front tire just touches the ground.
  • With a 5mm Allen socket (1), remove the ABS sensor bolt (2). Then remove the ABS sensor carefully, not touching anything metal with its tip. Wrap it in a rag and tie it up out of the way.
  • With a 12mm socket (3), remove the four brake caliper bolts (4, two on each side).
  • With a wide, flat-bladed screwdriver, work the brake pads apart and remove the calipers from the rotors. Hang them up out of the way. (It's bad for the brake lines to let them dangle.)
  • With a 6mm Allen socket (5), loosen the axle pinch bolt.
  • Insert a 3/8" socket extender stuck into a spark-plug wrench, make a 17mm head (6). Use this to unscrew the axle. Pull the axle (7) out and now the wheel is loose.
  • Use the jack to raise the front end farther, so the front tire will clear the front fender and you can roll it free of the bike. The collar (8) and ABS sensor housing (9) will come free too.

To reinstall the front tire, do this:

  • Roll the tire under the front fender. Be sure the direction of rotation is right.
  • Clean and lube anything that seems gritty.
  • Put the ABS sensor holder on the clutch side. Put the collar on the throttle side, with the wide part facing out.
  • Using the jack, lower the bike until the front fork axle holes line up with the hole through the wheel. While doing this, be sure the collar stays put and line up the ABS holder so the tab enters the slot on the inside of the fork.
  • Push the brake pads apart with a screwdriver and work the brake calipers onto the rotors.
  • Clean and lube the axle, then insert it. Hand-tighten to engage the threads on the far side.
  • Tighten the axle: spark-plug wrench and 1/2" adapter; 72 Nm; 7.2 m-kg; 52 ft-lb.
  • Tighten the axle pinch bolt: 6mm Allen socket; 23 Nm; 2.3 m-kg; 17 ft-lb.
  • Attach the brake calipers: 12mm socket; 40 Nm; 4.0 m-kg; 29 ft-lb.
  • Attach the ABS sensor and bolt: 5mm Allen socket; 4 Nm, 0.4 m-kg, 5.1ft-lb.


This page was last edited July 09, 2012.