FJR1300 Ticking Audio Clip

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FJR1300 Ticking audio clip

At the Butt Lite IIII in August, 2006, somebody captured a movie with audio that lets you hear The Tick.

Important note:
2006 and newer FJR's do not have this problem!
This is about "Gen 1" FJR's, not "Gen 2."

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See 3.7MB at the web site of Brian V. Waletzko.

Watch and listen. Notice that there is a pronounced ticking sound at the start of this movie clip when the camera is far away. When the camera gets closer, the ticking becomes louder but so do the other engine noises. This is what has made the tick so hard to capture in the past. This poor rider's bike happened to have The Tick bad enough to capture.

(If his symptom wasn't actually caused by valve guide wear and the usual Ticking syndrome, well, the sound is very familiar to people who have had the tick.)

Remember, the hallmark of the tick is that it gets worse over time. Any sound that has "always been there" and hasn't gotten worse is probably not the tick. But a sound that is like the one you hear in this video most certainly could be.

Your sound doesn't have to be this loud or distinct to qualify. If you hear something of the "extra" ticking noise in your engine, and it's getting worse with the miles, you should talk to your dealer. See the other pages on this site (click the "Up" link above) for more.


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