FJR1300 service and repair

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FJR1300 Service and repair notes

This page is for FJR1300 repair and service notes. Some notes are big enough to have their own pages, listed below. After those, there are notes that are too small to need their own page.

FJR1300 Oil and Filters
FJR1300 tires
FJR1300 Tire Change

Small notes without their own pages:

Replacement bag latch screws

Label info from Home Depot. Use blue LockTite, but just a drop and don't get any on the plastic.

M3 - .50 X 6 H # 880727 H9 LOT # H01180945

Check the screws by taking the bags off, emptying them, and turning them upside-down. See the security Torx heads on them.


Brake/Turn/Marker light bulbs are part number 7443 or 1157. (You can also use Sylvania 7528 long-lasting model.) (Info from Iggy's Bin O' Facts.)

For a replacement battery see Westco. 12V14B-4.

This page was last edited April 26, 2008.