FJR1300 Oil and Filters

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FJR1300 Oil and Oil Filters

A discussion came up about oil filters.

Several subscribers to the FJR1300 mailing list at have reported good experiences using the Mobil 1 and Bosch filters.

  • AC Delco PF-2057
  • Bosch 3323 (known to work okay)
  • Carquest 85356 reportedly will not seal!
  • Castrol 7317
  • Deutsch D-370
  • FRAM PH7317 (fits OK but 40% more restrictive than the OEM filter!)
  • K&N KN-148
  • Mobil 1 M1-110 (known to work okay)
  • Motorcraft Long Life FL-821
  • NAPA Gold 1356 reportedly will not seal!
  • Penske 7317
  • Purolator PL14610 recommended to me (apratt) 12/2005 at $5
  • Pure ONE PL14610
  • Pure ONE PL14620 reportedly will not seal!
  • STP S-02867
  • WIX 51356 reportedly will not seal!

NOTE: The OEM Yamaha filter is fairly concave. The filters above marked "reportedly will not seal" are not concave. They will screw on okay, but won't seal properly. Do not use them! They will leak oil and you will harm your FJR's engine.


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