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Bits of FJR1300 farkling wisdom I want to keep

This page collects little bits of wisdom on FJR1300 accessories and modifications as I come across them, things I might want to know one day but won't be able to find later when I do.

Increasing the windshield lean angle

From jestal at fjrforum:

  1. Remove the windshield.
  2. Remove the two countersunk screws that attach the windshield support to the tilt mechanism.
  3. Reinstall the two countersunk screws with your selection of washers between the windshield support and the tilt mechanism.
  4. Procure longer countersunk metric screws to make up the thread engagement lost by the washers/spacers is recommended if you get too wild with the spacers.
  5. Reinstall windshield onto the mount with it's new, revised angle.
  6. Your results may vary. Do not try this at home. Closed course and professional farkler.

Warning: make sure the windshield can't engage the clutch or brake in full-lock turns.

Windshield cutout vents

Look at the CalSci site and copy the windshield cutout(s) you see there. Much less buffeting, noise, and back pressure from the windshield.

Heat fixes: tank, left side, right side

Everybody swears by adding 1/8" foam adhesive heat insulation with an aluminum barrier to the underside of the tank. My tank gets quite hot in the summer, roasting my thighs and ... other parts of me. Insulating it keeps the tank cool.

The Cromeit Fix: left side right side:

These fixes involve creating a barrier to close off air passages on the left and right sides of the engine. The left is tricky, you fabricate an aluminum bracket. On the right you stuff in some foam to block a smaller channel. Despite the fact that it changes the engineered airflow, people swear by this. The engine stays at two bars operating, three bars at stoplights.

At there's a page about cutting holes in the nose piece but not removing it entirely: (skip down to the four-slot mod). Folks say the altered airflow fixes some of the rider leg-heat problem without changing overall cooling performance: still two bars while operating, three bars at stoplights.

Eric Villancourt says: "If you are not comfortable with the cromeit mods, just pull the black plastic panels out of the nose and ride.  Simple, cost effective, and several people swear by it for summer riding." But this seems like it effectively removes the radiator, because air from the front can flow past it instead of through it. I don't know why this wouldn't cause overheating.

In the same vein, John Mortensen says, "To stop the Left side heat, seal the space between the frame and the motor. This includes the space at the top of the radiator around the radiator hose entry. Also seal the space between the frame and motor under the tank on the left side. My experimentation proved that the space between the motor and frame on the left side is where the majority of the heat comes from. The right side does not have the same problem because of the radiator reservoir and the cam chain. The space on the right side of the motor is very small. If you look closely you will find a large space between the motor and frame on the left side. This allows all the hot air to travel along the motor and out at your ankle/calve area. I have done this fix to 5 '04 FJR's. I used that grey dense foam that is often used to protect equipment. The motor never gets hot enough to cause issues with the foam. Mine has been in there working for 5 years now. If you have any other questions call me"



This page was last edited May 19, 2008.