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FJR1300 Accessories index

This page is an index of accessories pages for the FJR1300. Info about tires, oil, and places to buy parts, do not belong here - they belong on the FJR1300 Service and Repair page. Things that belong here are about accessories and farkles, not the bike itself.

A great place for parts is They are a Yamaha dealer in Sunnyside, Washington but they'll sell parts over the Internet and ship them to your home, which my local dealers won't do. Also you can scroll through the parts fiche interactively, which is great. They do a lot more than FJR1300s.

FJR1300 misc farkling wisdom
Audiovox CCS-100 cruise control on FJR1300
Allan's Yamaha FJR1300 cover for sale

Suspension: You can get shocks and such in Campbell, CA for not much money (comparable to an online group buy) from Lindeman Engineering 408-371-6151.


This page was last edited April 26, 2008.