DishNetwork deinterlace problem

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DishNetwork ViP622 interlace problem


Bad: 1080i from a non-HD channel showing the Comedy Central logo that they overlay on movies and such.
This is an example of the lines appearing in the wrong order.


Good: 720p from the same channel. Correct line order, smooth curves.The blurriness is from the photo, not in the TV itself.

This bicycle tire from an American Express commercial has all the right scan lines but they're in the wrong order. This is with the 622 receiver set to 1080i output.

The same tire with the 622 receiver set to output 720p.
The original 480-line resolution is revealed in the squared-off curves, but there are no horizontal banding artifacts.

The pictures above show a problem I'm seeing when my Dish Network receiver is set to send 1080i to my Samsung 1080p television. What you're seeing in the left-side picture is the even/odd scan lines being drawn in the wrong order: instead of 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 you are seeing 2-1, 4-3, 6-5.

I believe the scan lines that are out of order are not the 1080 scan lines coming over the HDMI cable as 1080i, but rather the original 480 scan lines coming from the non-HD satellite channel. That is, I think the 622 is putting the original 480 lines into the image buffer wrong, then

This happens only when the DishNetwork receiver is displaying a non-HD channel and only when it is set to output 1080i to the TV. If I set the receiver to output 720p or if I display a high-def channel, it looks fine. This line-order problem appears all the time on all standard-def channels, but it's only obvious with certain types of content.

I see this on my Samsung HL-S6187W (a 1080p rear-projection TV using DLP technology) and on a Sony SXRD rear-projection TV. Somebody online said he sees it on his JVC 1080p TV also. Others have said they have the same Samsung as me and they do not see this, so maybe it's only a problem with certain Dish 622 receivers.

I'm looking for experiences from other people who have seen this, or if anybody knows how to fix it. Please write to to share your experiences. Thanks.

Here is a longer version of the story:

I have a Samsung 1080p DLP TV (model HL-S6187W) and the DishNetwork 622 receiver. Using both HDMI and component connections, I see something bad on non-HD channels.

The problem is this: non-HD satellite channels are deinterlaced wrong. The even/odd lines are inverted, displayed as odd/even. It happens everywhere, on every non-HD channel, and it is obvious with non-moving high-contrast curved shapes, like the Comedy Central logo in the corner of the screen.

When displaying HD channels with the 622 putting out 1080i, everything is fine. When I set the receiver to 720p mode, or 480p or 480i and show a non-HD channel, the line-ordering problem does not appear. The problem only happens on non-HD channels when the receiver is set to 1080i. Again, the same thing happens at 1080i over HDMI and component. I'm not zooming or stretching anything.

I took my 622 to Circuit City and played a recorded SD show at 1080i and 720p on a Sony XSRD TV. The sales guy and I saw exactly the same thing on this Sony that I see on my Samsung.

I've written this up online (especially at and somebody with a JCV TV says he's seen the same thing with his 622. At least two others with similar Samsung TVs do not see it. This suggests it's a problem with only some 622's, not all of them. I don't know if it correlates with software versions; mine is L366.

I have scheduled a "Trouble Call" with my local installer/tech office. They'll be out Monday 3/12 between 0800 and noon, and (I hope) they will be bringing a second 622 with them. If nothing else, I'll get somebody who works for Dish to lay eyes on this instead of capturing it with words and photos.


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