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Cooking and Recipes

I'm generally not big on cooking but there are a few things I like to make (and eat!). One is Chicken Piccata, but there are tons of recipes for that so I won't bother.

OK, here it is, but it's not complicated. Slice chicken breast halves in half so you have two thin slices. (Purists pound the chicken thinner, but it makes a mess and I don't usually bother.) Lightly coat them with a flour, salt and pepper mixture. Put them in a pan that has hot oil or butter in it. Turn and finish cooking them. Remove them from the pan and keep them warm. Put artichoke hearts, wine, lemon juice, and capers into the pan. Scrape up all the good stuff the chicken left behind (the "fond") too. Let this come to a boil, then reduce the heat. Put the chicken pieces back in the pan, cover, and let them absorb some liquid and reheat through. I put fresh lemon slices on top of the chicken and let them wilt onto the pieces. Serve with the sauce from the pan.

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