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Computer LCD display shopping

Info from mid-2006 about LCD panel shopping for 1600x1200:

Samsung Syncmaster 204B is $299 at CompUSA. Seems to have good quality at a low price. Reviews say it's too high-priced for its features, but that was before the price dropped.

Use the Italy pictures to judge a monitor - the night shot of the Neptune Fountain is good, should have a clean blue gradient for the sky, not fall to black anywhere. The buildings converging into the distance should have some detail, too, not just be shadows.

Oddly, the 204B looked better when viewed from above: many of  the blues in the sky disappeared when viewed straight on.

The 204B's multiple presets of color temperature, office vs. movie mode, etc. were worth exploring - some looked better than others.

The 204B does not have video in, USB, or speakers. (Of course, DVI in means you can send it HDMI with an adapter.)

CNet's review says:

  • Dell UltraSharp 2007FP has built-in speakers $391
  • HP LP2065 has a USB hub, composite and s-video in

CNet's review says these panels are worse than the 204B:

  • Envision EN2028
  • Sony SDM-S205FB
  • NEC MultiSync LCD1970VX buries settings in the On-Screen Menu.


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