Canon iP5200 mods for CD printing

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Canon inkjet printer mods to print on CDs

Added bonuses in the upgrade from the i950 to the iP5200 are improved black text quality (from the black pigment cartridge), automatic duplex printing and dual paper feed sources (lower tray, upper gravity feed) with automatic switching between sources, if desired.

I'm writng this post to inform anyone else considering or looking for a solution like this. If you have any questions, or if I can provide any assistance, just let me know.

Printer (This model is currently offered through Amazon by "," and is ~ $12.50 more than I spent, plus shipping. Mine came directly from Amazon two weeks ago, so I don't know if Amazon is out of stock or stopped selling them or what.):

CD/DVD tray (I bought mine from this vendor, and the entire process from pre-sales questions through fulfillment was excellent. At the time of this writing, I saw others for $15-20 less than I paid (do a search on Canon CD tray), but this was all that was available when I bought, and I don't regret the money spent. Some trays are offered with rollers, or the rollers are offered for sale separately, but you don't need them!):

Link to one tray auction on eBay

CD-LabelPrint software download (Select the OS and language of your choice.):

Printer modification procedure (Worked the first time without a hitch. Directions available on this site for a variety of current and recent Canon models.):

More from another forum:

I recently found out that those of us who own an iP3000, iP4000 or iP5000 can hack the printer's programming and purchase a CD/DVD tray to upgrade the machine to be able to print directly onto CDs and DVDs.

I've done The Procedure and it works just fine. It opens up so many possibilities - not the least of which is to produce professional looking photo albums, PowerPoint presentations, personal DVD backup copies, etc. with media that doesn't have that labelly do-it-yourself look.

Those interested should take a look at the following link:


Instructions for iP6000 here:




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