Al Stewart at Grace Cathedral

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Al Stewart at Grace Cathedral

In 2001, I attended an Al Stewart concert at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California. I brought my video camera and a tripod, set up in the back, and shot the whole concert from back there. I made a DVD using this single camera angle, but it was pretty hard to watch. Also, I made some mistakes in the sound editing.

I had run into a guy named Chris Michael at the concert, and I saw that he was shooting video from his seat on the right side of the stage. Luckily, I had gotten his phone number, and I was able to talk to him about joining forces. Cutting between (at least) two camera angles makes for a much better concert video.

I also got in contact with with another fan who had been at the concert and took some very nice still photos. Randall Armor's work from this concert is on the current Al Stewart concert poster. I got his permission to use those pictures as part of the [now-defunct] DVD project.

After several false starts, two upgrades of Adobe Premiere, a computer upgrade, and way too many hours of video and audio editing, in the spring of 2004 I finally finished this project.

Shortly afterwards, Neville Judd came out with a commercial DVD from the exact same concert. In light of this, I never did distribute my private, not-for-profit, unlicensed, fan-made DVD. It would detract from Neville's sales and profits, and he or Al's publishing company could come after me for violating everybody's copyrights and stuff - something that's much more likely when there's a commercial DVD available. So the project is dead.

Here are the liner notes I wrote:

Track List

  • Flying Sorcery
  • Antarctica
  • An improv by Louis Weiner
  • League of Notions
  • Running Man (joined by Dave Nachmanoff)
  • On the Border (joined by the guitar tuner, Doug Mann)
  • House of Clocks
  • Broadway Hotel
  • Apple Cider Reconstitution
  • Old Admirals (with Mark Bruce on the Grace Cathedral organ)
  • Roads to Moscow (with a chorus of several)
  • Year of the Cat (with Jennifer Nachmanoff on tambourine)
  • Clifton in the Rain / Small Fruit Song
  • Almost Lucy
Sound: Dave Silva
Cameras: Allan Pratt, Chris Michael
Video editing and DVD production: Allan Pratt

Thanks to Al Stewart for years of wonderful music

Still pictures copyright 2001 Randall Armor. Used by permission.

With acknowledgement and thanks to Louis Weiner and the administrative staff of Grace Cathedral for supplying the venue and production support.



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