Al Stewart at The Great American Music Hall

San Francisco, September 16, 1995

Fans chatting with Al Stewart

This is a transcript of the post-show discussion between Al Stewart and the fans after the Great American Music Hall show on September 16, 1995. This is when Dan Farmer and Muffy presented Al with the birthday card many of us had signed and the wine that Dan bought with our contributions. I shot video at the time, and I've transcribed much of the conversation here. It's not perfect: there were parts I can't work out, and I'm sure I've butchered some proper names (especially the French ones). Also, obviously, the light wasn't very good so these pictures came out very dark. I did what I could in Photoshop, but your Web browser will probably undo any good I did. Apologies in advance.

Video, pictures, and transcript by Allan Pratt,

Dramatis Personae:

AS: Hey! Black shirts all over the place. I thought this was a nice show tonight. Did anyone else like it?

[Dan and Muffy give Al the birthday card. It has people's signatures inside. I also took closeups of the signatures inside the card.]

AS [looking at the card and seeing all the signatures]: Oh, my goodness. Look at this. This is wonderful.

Dan: You might notice - many of these were ... were generated by computer.

AS: My feeling is that these - these are the probably the ones. [He's right. They stand out a little.]

Asya: He is so sharp - you can't slip anything past him.

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