Al Stewart at The Great American Music Hall, Page 7

AS: I did have an idea. Wait, I had one idea. Tell me if this is a good idea. OK, this is ... It's like a charity thing, because occasionally, you've been raising money for charity. I don't know whether this is worth anything to anybody, but... You'll notice that I play Taylor guitars. Well, the guitar that I used on the first five albums was an Epiphone Texan, the one I wrote Roads to Moscow and everything on, it's on everything. Well, it's sitting in a case at home, I'm never going to play it again for the rest of my life. I wonder if we could auction it off and give all the money to charity. Would that be a good idea? The question is, would anyone want my old Epiphone Texan?

Dave: I would! But I can't afford what it's worth.

AS: What if we did a raffle at five bucks apiece, and whoever got it got it, and we gave all the money to charity? Would you like to do that? I think if somebody wants it, they should have it - it's in a locked case, it's going moldy. Then we could give the money to charity. It's just an idea.


Allan [me]: Have you been reading the poll results?

AS: Nick in New Jersey came up and gave me an advance of the poll results. I was thrilled that Hipposong went up.

[He hasn't seen the story, just the numbers.]

Dan: The excess money by the way from that wine is going to charity as well, in your name.

AS: Oh, but this is such a nice wine.

Asya: No, you get to keep the wine...

AS: Oh, my god! [He has seen the back label on the bottle, which says among other things that the grapes were pressed by a hippopotamus.] You know that I read back labels - I know damn well that this is not what ... OK, I will read this. Thank you very much. Kim, nice to meet you. Nice to meet all of you.


[I also got this picture of Laurence Juber horsing around,

and a (silent) clip of him signing autographs... "Whew!" Movie: mpeg (125KB), or QuickTime (404KB).]


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