Al Stewart at The Great American Music Hall, Page 6

AS: There's a guy who keeps translating my stuff into Latin. Those are wonderful things.

Muffy: They're on the page now.

AS: I've got a computer, I can't make the damn thing work.

Asya: You've got a kid now...

AS: Violet's [knee high] She's 21 months old; it's going to take a little time. But yes, my salvation lies in her.

Dave: Did you know that Kim Dyer's here? That's Kim right there. [Movie: mpeg (no sound, 1.7MB) or QuickTime (with sound, 3.4MB).]

AS: You're Kim Dyer? Come here and give me a hug!

Fans: Get the camera! Get a picture! They're not the same person!

Muffy: Of course, it's Kim's camera, so she can destroy the evidence.

AS: Okay, we are not the same person.

Kim: He's taller.

AS: Very good. [To Kim] I'm so happy to meet you. I mean, I'm in debt to you for many reasons. Kris has been corresponding with you, hasn't she?

Kim: Yes, often.

AS: She actually ... Violet had a meltdown during the encore, and she had to ... Otherwise ... otherwise she would have said, as I say, thank you very much for all your help

Kim: I'm very pleased to meet you. And I think I'm going to be in Redondo Beach, too.

AS: Ah, you'll be one of the few. Of all the shows on this entire tour, the one we can't sell is the Strand. I have no idea why. So I have 300 free tickets for you.

Fans: Road Trip!

AS: I would be more than happy if you all came, believe me. You know something? It's not that I don't like Michigan. It's just that no one books me there. I can only go where I'm booked.

Kim: I understand perfectly. I'm hoping the Ark [Very well known folk club in the Ann Arbor area, and a place where folkies like Joel Mabus and the Chenille Sisters got their start. Robin Williamson, John Renbourne, etc. play there.] wakes up, and books you into Ann Arbor. 'Cause that's about the best place.

AS: You could talk to them, but it's very difficult. It's awfully hard to get the Midwest to book me. It's like, you've got the East Coast and the West Coast, and it's like, everything stops. It's like you've got two and a half thousand miles of country that won't book me. Then you get to the ocean again and they do. I don't know why that is.

Fan: It's all the sea songs.

Fan: It's because you use four-syllable words.

AS: Yes!


Bill Ward: With all your nautical songs, do you sail?

AS: Of course not! Does Brian Wilson surf? Get real! I mean, has he ever been near the water, has he ever put on a bathing suit? Get real! ... No, I mean, I think it's ... I don't know what it is. You know what I think it is? It's Sandy Denny's songs [she was famous for songs about the sea, like "The North Star Grassman & the Ravens" and "The Sea" and she was a good friend of Al back in the 60s].

Bill Ward: I asked because I live on a sailboat.

AS: But do you write songs?


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