Al Stewart at The Great American Music Hall, Page 5

[A fan hands Al another album to sign. It's "Love Chronicles."]

AS: My biggest hit.

Fans: Come on, hold it up. What's with the fur?

AS: I have no idea who this is.

Fan: Is there any chance of an Al Stewart songbook?

AS: There was one, but the three people who bought it returned it, so the publisher was really pissed off, I don't think they want to do another one. There was a Year of the Cat songbook... I think there was. I've seen it.

[Al sees Robin Mackey leaving.] Robin! Goodnight. This is Robin Mackey. She sang Nostradamus with me at the Fairmont Hotel.

Fan: I'm not worthy of the Blue Album but I've been looking for one for 15 years, so if you come across one, I'd love to have a copy.

Fans: We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

AS: I should have just brought the damn things here, I should have known.

[A fan leaned forward and spoke privately with Al for a moment at this point. Was she an ASML'er?]

This is a good room, isn't it? I like this room. [To camera:] What is this, are we on video?

Allan: We thought that -- Since we're giving you the gift, the people who aren't here might enjoy seeing it.

AS: [Pulls Dave Nachmanoff into view.] Come on Dave... [They mug for the camera, Al sings a snatch of something dripping with American C&W twang.] One, two, three: "My old man's a ..."

[Movie: mpeg (no sound, 1.2MB) or QuickTime (with sound, 1.8MB).]

Dave: You didn't finish all the introductions...

AS: You want to volunteer some names?

From left to right: Dan Farmer, Dave Nachmanoff's wife Jennifer, Bill Ward, Muffy, and Asya.

From left to right: Bill, Muffy, and Asya again, plus Don St. John, somebody else (name?), Kim Dyer, and somebody else (name?).]

Fans: Bill Ward... Don St. John.

AS: No, you're not Don St. John.

Dave: Yes he is!

Don: Yes, but not the DJ.

AS: Do you know something, I've met Don St. John, Do you know something? Someone came to me and said they were Don St. John. From the local radio station. Someone's using your name.

Don: I know, he stole my radio career!

AS: OK, you're the real Don St. John. Does anyone want me to sign anything? The thing about you guys is, you've got all this carpeting [...or something that sounded like that!]


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