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Dan: Don't open it too quickly.

[In this sequence, Dan presents Al with our birthday gift: an amazing bottle of wine. It's a 1990 Romanée St. Vivant from Domaine Leroy. During this exchange, Al uses some French names which I'm sure I'm mangling as I try to transcribe them. The best I could do for the name of the woman who made the wine is La Loux. Does anybody know the correct names and spellings for this story?]

AS: I'm looking at a "B" that would never be printed on a French wine label. ... Ah, ah yes - This is Domaine Leroy ...

You know something, if this is a 1990 ... [Dan: "It is."] ... from La Loux... She was part owner of Domaine (something); which is the most famous Domaine in Burgundy. This is - this was - [Dan's smiling] Oh, you know about this?

Dan: Yes I do. This is the reason I got it for you!

AS: La Loux owned 25% of DRC split ... in fact she was thrown off the estate; she's not even allowed to go back to DRC. She went off and [didn't get this]... now, since '88 she's making her own burgundy. [Looks through the bottle at the light.] I'm not going to even guess at what this is without looking at the label.

Muffy: You can peel the label off. There's an extra label...

AS: However I can tell you this: that anything that LaLoux made in 1990 is pretty fucking amazing.

Dan: Everyone gave money to buy this ... The only regret that I have is that I had to give this away. I wanted to taste this myself...

AS: You know what? I can tell you something else, and this is going to fucking blow your mind. This bottle - this particular bottle - was a European bottle, not an American bottle, because the American top is a different color. [The "top" is the foil around the cork.]

[Al looks briefly at the false label, then he takes that one off and looks at the real one.]

AS: [Pleasantly surprised] Oh, it's St. Vivant! Oooh! Ooh dear! [Al is extremely pleased.]

Asya: Is anybody getting all this?

AS: Who do I kiss?

Dan: I'm the one who picked it out. But you don't have to kiss me.

AS: This is - this is - Let me first say, this is a wonderful gift. This is - in burgundy terms - this is probably about the -- it's the tip of the mountain isn't it. I'm almost never reduced to using coarse language, but this is -- that's an extraordinary -- that's a -- um - I'm sorry, I've got to go downstairs and drink this. [Everybody laughs.] Thank all you very much.

Muffy: So, I told Dan to get a bottle of wine. He went to our favorite shop, asked for a bottle to impress someone who knew wine, looked at several that they showed him, and was not himself impressed. Then he looked over and said "what's in that locked case over there?"

AS: Of course, I've have to live long enough to drink it. Because La Loux makes wine until ... you know, to the next century to be drunk - for your grandchildren. Violet thanks you very much for this. She was actually here tonight...

Fans: We saw her...

AS: That was so weird... I mean, it's like, I was playing ... I had no idea - Kris was downstairs, and I thought well, .. I thought she was going to sleep, and the next couple of songs, I heard "Daddy!"

AS: I felt this was a good show. It had a vibe that was nice... I have no idea what you thought. [It was great!]

Fan: You'll have to read the review on the mailing list.

AS: I'm getting to the end of this tour, so freedom is sort of - over the horizon.

Fan: You're singing a lot better.

AS: I've got to tell you, I was singing better than last night. It was terrible last night. I really - it was a dog last night. It was bad. And I .. I had a swelling right there [on the throat]. A doctor looked at it, and told me I had a swollen something or other. And I thought this would be like death warmed up, but it just went away.

AS [Back to the wine]: This is awfully nice of you.


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