Al Stewart at The Great American Music Hall, Page 2

Dan: We have one primary gift, but then someone snuck this one in... [Dan gives him the book, "Fisher's Face" by Jan Morris]

AS: Do you know something? I'm reading this. ... You know what's so weird is, that this must be an American book. Different cover. I'm reading this right now. Neville Judd gave me this.

[Al is a little flustered about what to do with it since he's already got one. Dan says it's his to do with as he pleases.]

AS: Has anyone else not read this book? [Dan says something I can't catch, and Al responds:] Don't push your luck. [Al keeps the book.] Thank you very much indeed.

Dan: Now here's the actual, real gift...

AS: Ahh! [Al starts hefting the box to judge what's in it.]

Asya: Don't drop it!

AS: I need to know who some of you are .. that would be nice.

Dan: Well, you could start naming your names while he's opening up the gift...

Somebody: I'm Ron Holt(?)

AS: Are you in ASM ... You don't have a T-shirt? It's the guys in the black shirts, that's what we want to know.

Muffy [introducing people]: Dan, Muffy...

AS: Oh, you're Muffy! Hey! Alright.

Muffy: I enjoy doing your Web page for free. I normally charge for that...

Asya [introducing herself]: Asya. I wanted to tell you, about that song you wrote, Joe the Georgian? That's from the point of view of Kirov? My mother was named after Kirov.

AS: You're kidding.

Asya: No, I was born over there, and ...

AS: We never really worked out why he was ... December the first, 1934, that's when he died. But I mean, no one's really been too sure who killed him. I've always thought Stalin was behind it - such a weird thing. I mean, they removed the bodyguard, just before he was shot. That's the thing that really worried me.

Dan: There are probably two or three true Al fans here, and she happens to be one of them. ... She's a friend of Nick Straguzzi's, too.

AS: I've always wanted to do a Kirov song; and this one isn't it, so I still have a Kirov song to do. Mind you, having said all that, I don't particularly like Kirov, I don't like any of the Bolsheviks. It's just that I would have liked Kirov to have replaced Stalin after the mass starvation of the ... [He didn't finish this thought. He slides open the box the wine's in, with Dan's help.]

What is this? What is this? This is going to be a joke, I can tell.

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