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Complete APRS rig for sale sold!

This was originally posted September 28, 2006; the rig is now sold.

I got into the APRS game in March of 2006, and now I'm getting out. My loss is going to be someone else's gain: I'm selling I sold my complete mobile APRS rig at a steep discount.

The rig is 100% complete, with the radio, the GPS receiver, the OpenTracker, and the antenna, plus all the cables you need, including the one for programming the tracker with your call sign. It can all be yours for just $195. It was all sold for $195.

(You can click on this picture to see a larger version.)

Here are the details:

  • YAESU FT-1802M 2m radio in like-new condition with mic, manual and all accessories
  • OpenTracker OT1x tracking encoder for APRS
  • GPS Mouse serial GPS receiver, magnetic base
  • Comet SBB5NMO dual-band 3.0dBi gain antenna 146/446 MHz (37" long)
  • Two NMO antenna mounts:
    • magnetic mount for cars
    • right-angle bracket mount for home base or other use
  • All cables:
    • Fused radio power cables with PowerPole connectors
    • Additional fused power cable for radio, 8 feet long, PowerPole to bare wire
    • Radio to OT1x (plugs in to mic connector for power and TX)
    • OT1x to radio speaker jack (for busy channel detection)
    • OT1x to GPS Mouse (for both power and data)
    • Null modem serial cable for PC programming of the OT1x
    • 9V battery power cable for OT1x for use while programming

The radio is in like-new condition, very rugged, configurable for 5/10/25/50W output. The microphone, user's manual, and all original accessories are included.

Coupled with your ham radio license, this is a 100% complete system. Download the OpenTracker software online, program the OT1x with your callsign, connect the radio to 12-14 volts, and you're on the air. As you can see above, all necessary cables and connectors are included.

This rig has simple wiring: the OpenTracker is powered from the radio through the radio's mic connector, and the GPS Mouse is powered from the OpenTracker on the same cable as the data. (This is the key feature of the OT1x model of OpenTracker: its 5V regulator can power the GPS directly, so there are no extra voltage converters or wires.)

Separately, these components would set you back over $300: $145 for the radio, and over $150 total for the GPS receiver, the OpenTracker, and the antenna, plus the two mounts. Not to mention the custom cables and adapters I've made.

I'd like to get I got $195 for the whole shooting match. Figure that's the price of the radio and antenna, and you're getting the mounts and APRS stuff free! Figure it any other way you want, it's a great deal.

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