Al Stewart at GAMH 1995

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Al Stewart at GAMH 1995

On September 16, 1995, I attended an Al Stewart concert at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. It was very close to Al's 50th birthday, and some fans had contributed funds to buy him a gift and put together a card.

I was there with a video camera and I recorded audio and a few usable pictures of the fans talking with Al after the show. I transcribed the conversation as best I could and made some web pages. This was my first project for the web; it seems like a very long time ago.

Read the transcript and see pictures from Al Stewart's 50th birthday concert

An interesting side note is that Al said some unflattering things about another musician while talking to the fans, and, years after my transcript appeared online, that musician's management contacted me (quite indirectly, as it turned out) and asked me to remove the reference. Rather than scream "Censorship!" I removed that section, because I didn't want to give Al or anybody else any grief.


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